THIS PROCESS TAKES TIME!  It may even take a full semester to get everything done, but it is well worth it considering what college credits cost per credit hour.  The following classes will be awarded credit through University of Maryland University College.

After a qualifying class appears on your MFRI transcript…
1) Apply to UMUC.  This will cost a one-time fee of $50 if you have never applied to UMUC before.  Each University of Maryland entity is different and they will only waive the fee if you have previously applied to University of Maryland University College.

After you’re accepted to UMUC…

2) Request an Official Transcript from MFRI.  This form must be filled out, printed, and submitted.  It cannot be completed online at this time.  Have your transcript sent to:

Attn: Undergraduate TranscriptsUniversity of Maryland University College3501 University Blvd. East
Adelphi, MD 20783-8075

When UMUC receives the transcript, they will automatically flag your record for review by the records department.  You will receive an email once that review is complete.

After the course is on your UMUC transcript…

3) Login at MyUMUC and request that your transcript is sent to your college/university.

  1. Select “Student Center”
  2. Select “MyAcademics” under the first “Academics” tab
  3. Select “Request Official Transcript”
  4. Complete the online process to have the transcript sent to your college/university.